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18/02/2013 at 5:54 am

1. Close the boarder with wetaevhr works build bigger fence more boarder agents wetaevhr.2. Fine and or jail persons hiring illegals.3. Stop providing government funds for illegal aliens.4. Then round up all illegal aliens and ship them back.A minor point first: Walls never work. Forget that one. That’s a massive waste of money. Now the major point: Do you realize the savagery that would be involved implementing these steps? Implementing measures like this would be more worthy of Stalin, or Hitler, or Mao, than the United States. You’re talking about rounding up MILLIONS OF PEOPLE and detaining them and jailing them. The first thing to note is that that stuff is not easy. The second thing is that, if it could be done, the suffering would be on an unimaginable scale–it would mean the destruction of many people’s businesses and lives. We can barely process the people for deportation that we have in custody now? How do you imagine doing if for the many millions of undocumented workers. There’s no way they would get due process, and, I’m sorry to tell you this, the Constitution guarantees us all due process. What would keep a neighbor who doesn’t like you from turning you in? (That’s how lots of people wound up in Guante1namo.)Surely this sort of behaviour would violate international agreements we have on human rights, not to mention the very notion of human rights.These are really bad ideas.


18/04/2013 at 7:34 am


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